10 Incredible Images of Space

10 Painfully Ordinary Images of Space

Here are some beautiful images of outer space. I have tried to keep the images as large as possible so they can be used for desktop wallpapers. Click the image for the larger view.

1. The Pillars of Creation

Opo9544A  10 Incredible Images of Space opo9544a tm

The pillars are columns of cool interstellar hydrogen gas and dust that double as incubators for new stars. The pillars have been carved out and are illuminated by ultraviolet light coming from hot, massive newborn stars that are unseen, above the top of the photo.

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2. Mercury in Transit

Merctrans0304Philjones Wm Cte-1  10 Incredible Images of Space merctrans0304philjones wm cte 1 tm

What better way can we truly appreciate the size of our Sun than to see one of the planets in transit?

3. Supernova

Supernova-1024  10 Incredible Images of Space supernova 1024 tm

This is a photograph taken by the Hubble Telescope.

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