People Can’t Get Enough Of This Nine-Week-Old Baby’s Fabulously Bouffant Hair

A nine-week-old baby born with a truly fabulous head of hair is making headlines this week, as the Internet just can’t get enough of his gorgeously bouffant barnet.

Junior Cox-Noon has been nicknamed “Baby Bear” by his mom, Chelsea, due to his luscious locks and birth weight of 10lbs.


“He came out with loads of hair,” says Chelsea, “I didn’t realize how much until he had his first bath.”

“All the midwives and health visitors said it would fall out because baby hair usually comes out when they rub their head on the back of the cot, but he hasn’t lost any of it and it has grown.”


Best of all, Junior’s hair takes so long to dry that mom Chelsea gives him regular blow-dry treatments. Oh, the cuteness.


Chelsea adds that her infant son attracts so much attention that it takes up to two hours to do her weekly grocery shop, as so many people stop to admire the youngster’s hair.

But apparently Baby Bear loves being fussed over and cries if mom tries to pop a hat on him to speed things up.


“When I take him with me [to the store] everyone does a double-take and says, ‘Oh my God, look at the baby’s hair,’ and they have to touch it. He doesn’t seem to mind, [he] gets a little smirk on his face.”

“People say to me, ‘Are you going to cut it?’, but it’s too unique so I’m going to leave it as it is.”


Chelsea’s other sons, Mitchell, 6, and Preston, 4, are nowhere near as hairy as Junior (which is probably for the best, as poor Chelsea would spend all her time blow-drying babies’ hair…;).

Junior’s already gained fans on Twitter, as people admire (and admit to being a little jealous of) his gorgeous mane.


What a cutie!

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