New Yorkers Fight Subway Dog Ban By Casually Carrying Their Pups In Tote Bags

For those who aren’t from New York, here’s the deal with the dogs in bags — there’s a rule when it comes to carrying animals on the subway. New York state law says that “no person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.”

CBS news producer Alex Romano captured this photo of a guy and his husky casually riding the subway.

It’s hard not to smile a little at the scenario, what with a man carrying a large pooch roughly 40-50 pounds in a canvas tote bag. Yep. Totally casual.

Whoever this man is, he’s not the first one to try to sneak a pup in for a ride on the subway.


Here’s one dog who looks totally defeated by having to stay in his little bag.


And another who looks a bit worried about why the heck he’s in a bag at all.


You do you, New York.

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