Dad Designs Harry Potter-Theme Nursery For His Youngest Wizard And It’s Truly Magical

Anyone who grew up with the Harry Potter series knows the immense pressure on wanting to pass on that legacy.

Kaycee and Casey from Illinois created a Harry Potter-themed nursery for their 7-month-old. Casey, the husband and resident Potterhead, started brainstorming on interior decor as soon as he found out his wife was pregnant. While it took some convincing on Kaycee’s end, she agreed.

The couple then contacted their friend, 3D artist Nate Baranowski, to paint the mural which took five days to finish.


The entire room though took about three months. “We had the idea that we wanted it to feel like you were in the castle and wanted a window, but Nate really took it to the next level,” Kaycee said.

“It turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined.”


They even went as far as adding a couple knick-knacks and paintings to really make the bedroom enchanting.


Quite magical, don’t you agree?

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