15 Hilarious Signs That You’re A Twenty Something Grandma

Your twenties are meant to be the years when you discover who you really are and fulfil all of your wildest dreams – whether that means going travelling, going into education or simply having an awesome time with the least responsibility possible!

But, whilst there are the party girls who will stop at nothing to have a ‘top night with my gals’ there are a select group of girls who most definitely think that there are other ways to have a good time – a lot of those things involving a cup of tea – that’s right, it’s the twenty-something grandmas.

So, if you can’t relate to the party lifestyle and couldn’t think of anything worse than eating a greasy kebab and having beer fear, then take a look at these tell tale signs – because you just might be a grandma too…;

1. You Will Do Anything To Stay In Your Pyjamas…;

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