30+ Before-And-After Pics Showing How Famous Cities Changed Over Time


The world has evolved so rapidly over the last 100 years that it’s difficult to imagine just how much things have changed during that time. Many of the world’s most famous cities – like Kuala Lumpur for example, or Hong Kong – bare little resemblance to their earlier selves, and cities such as Dubai didn’t even exist at all until fairly recently.

Take a look at these then and now pictures to see what we mean. Compiled by A&D and Bored Panda, they’re sure to give you a fresh perspective on how you look at the world. (H/T: Bored Panda)

01. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2000 And Now

AD-How-Famous-City-Changed-Timelapse-Evolution-Before-After-01Source, AirPano

02. Seoul, South Korea – 1900 And Now


03. Vilnius, Lithuania – 1900 And Now


04. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 1970 And Now

AD-How-Famous-City-Changed-Timelapse-Evolution-Before-After-04Predrag Vuckovic

05. Singapore, Republic Of Singapore – 2000 And Now

AD-How-Famous-City-Changed-Timelapse-Evolution-Before-After-05Ong Wee Jin

06. Tokyo, Japan – 1945 And Now


07. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2005 And Now


08. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – 1930 And Now

AD-How-Famous-City-Changed-Timelapse-Evolution-Before-After-08Rafael Rabello de Barros


09. Sydney, Australia – 1932 And Now

AD-How-Famous-City-Changed-Timelapse-Evolution-Before-After-09The National Library of Australia

10. Shenzhen, China – 1964 And Now

AD-How-Famous-City-Changed-Timelapse-Evolution-Before-After-10David McLeod

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