14 Bizarre Ways You Can Use Coca Cola


Although many people think of Coca Cola as the delicious drink first invented in 1892, there are

others who know that it has more uses than just as a beverage. But digging online finds multiple

crazy claims that Coca Cola can do. Some are farther fetched than others, but here are 14 weird but

amazing uses for Coca Cola.

1. Apply to a jellyfish sting to neutralize the pain

This sounds absolutely crazy and made up, but does have some merit. Coca Cola is acidic and this

acid can help stop the pain from the sting.

2. Use Coca Cola to clean car battery terminals

Use Coca Cola to clean car battery terminals

Again, Coca Cola comes to the rescue in a bad situation. The beverage won’t react with the battery

acid and can be poured liberally over the terminals to dissolve and remove the corrosion.

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