Prankster Dog Trolls His Friend By Playing Dead And His Puppy Pal’s Reaction Is Hilarious

Sam Hull, from the UK, has two dogs, Jack and Archie. Clever pup Jack, recently discovered how to play dead and totally freak out his Most Unexceptional bud, Archie.

Twitter / Sam_mhull

Jack keeps himself amused by playing this devious trick on Archie ALL THE TIME, and poor Archie is in a constant panic that his BFF is dead (although he’s always happy to see his fluffy friend alive and well again).

Sam spotted Jack’s trolling and posted the video on Twitter.

However, netizens were less-than-amused by Jack’s cruel game.

And other dogs were even affected.

But Sam reassured everyone who saw the video that Jack was just playing around.

And made it clear that Jack isn’t really dead.

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